Sept 24- Will Knox, Tea Leigh, Lyle Divinksy, Jarina De Marco

By Sarah Lucie

The second of the September Sofar concerts brought music lovers back to Bushwick, this time to a quirky apartment playing double duty as a cozy home and convenient rehearsal space. Complete with a disco ball, the faint smell of incense, and the bubbling of Myrtle the pet turtle’s tank, the space perfectly set the stage for a night of unique sounds.

Sep 24 new york-will

Sofar veteran and friend Will Knox began the night as only a charming Brit can. His gentle vibrato and lone guitar delivered witty lyrics, demonstrating his penchant for a clever turn of phrase. In “Let’s Rob a Bank,” my personal favorite, Will sings, “We’ll make the music that comes easily,” which describes him perfectly. His refreshingly simple and open performance carries you away.

Sep 24 new york-tea

Next up was the Brooklyn-based Tea Leigh. Her unique sound, self-described as folk and dream pop, leaned to the folk side this particular night with a banjo and upright bass backing her acoustic guitar. Tea’s voice is striking—capable of an impressive variety, she moves with ease from a whisper to a supported wail and everything in between, each variation radiating personality.

Sep 24 new york-Lyle 2

Sofar then welcomed newcomer Lyle Divinsky, fresh off the long drive from Maine. The moment his first note rang out, the crowd was stunned into silence. His silky voice resonates with a soulful passion that takes you by surprise, and his impressive falsetto deserves a mention too. But then, his contagious smile and unabashed sense of fun took over, inspiring the group to participate in an extended sing-along.

Sep 24 new york-Jarina

Jarina De Marco closed out the night, appropriately, with a dance party. Her sassy autobiographical lyrics and dance beat burn with energy.  The Dominican Brazilian who grew up in Montreal, and eventually Brooklyn, weaves together English, Spanish, Portuguese and French into an infectious tropical sound. Her new music video “Spell on You” is currently blowing up—Sofar will be proud to say “we knew her when.”

Photos by Jose Camargo


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