Sofar Sounds NYC January 24- Francia Sandoval


Freezing weather and a flu epidemic won’t stop NYC and it surely won’t stop Sofar Sounds New York. On January 24th Sofar Sounds provided a warm and congenial place in Greenpoint. Like other Sofar Sounds, this gathering met the needs of eager performers  and dedicated audience members. As the crowd shared their devotion and admiration, the performers shared their appreciation for Sofar Sounds.


The night started out with the astonishing trio The Spring Standards. With their minimal set-up, alluring melodies, and their provoking lyrics, The Spring Standards managed to give a performance that would set the tone for the rest of the night. “The fact that you get to hear an artists actual voice without amplification…and the vibe, it’s a bunch of people hanging out in a chill setting where people feel comfortable instead of trying to make a venue feel that way like a set of a comfy apartment instead of an actual comfy apartment,” James from The Spring Standards said while discussing his favorite things about Sofar Sounds.


Fire Horse followed and did not disappoint. Leah Siegel delivered strong lyrics that stir many emotions with her fine voice while interacting with the audience with her fun and relatable demeanor.

With a voice that gives you goose bumps (in a good way), Lady Lamb and the Beekeeper sang Between Two Trees and songs from her new album that I’m sure won’t disappoint.

Ms. Wise also known as Alyesha Wise, gave a unique performance that truly set itself apart. While sharing her three poems she delivered her words in a thought provoking and emotion heavy manor, creating a strong connection with the audience. “The moment I step into the room, I just felt good. I knew it was going to be an awesome night and the people are great listeners. When it was over the love was amazing,”Ms. Wise said on her experience with Sofar Sounds.

Finally to end the night Pearl and the Beard performed. Their blithe melodies and beat that will make you want to dance ended the night right, providing the much needed warmth on this cold NYC night.

Francia Sandoval


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